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Mandolin 10 in 1

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Easy cooking with the Zenzatas kitchen mandolin 10 in 1!

Anyone can cook, you simply miss an appropriate tool to fall in love with the kitchen.
Our Zenzatas 10-in-1 multifunction mandolin can completely help you be more efficient and quickly prepare your meals.
With The Zenzatas 10 in 1 mandolin you will : 

✅Save time

The Zenzatas 10 in 1 mandolin allows you to cut your fruits, vegetables at an amazing speed! It will realize your cuts to perfection by saving you a lot of time.
I know that in the kitchen everyone loves time-saving accessories, and with our mandolin, you will beat all records to prepare your favorite recipes.

✅Multi-use with 7 different blades

This beautiful mandolin will simplify your life. It is a high-end device that slice, slice, rasp, peel ... all with the same device. The cuts will be perfect. You will therefore make all types of dishes, from fries to gratin, through the cutting of all your fruits or vegetables such as grated carrots, radishes, cucumber ...
Thanks to its different adapters that you can change easily, you will move from one function to another.


Your fingers are protected with the protective shell that holds the vegetable or fruit for cutting. The device has been designed to minimize the risk of cuts. You will behead your vegetables without a blood stain .
This box is equipped with anti-slip pads to prevent the device from skidding
Multifunction mandolin

✅Practical and easy to use

When you use this mandolin, the cut vegetables fall directly into a storage box. So more vegetables that end up on the ground. You use the mandolin and hop in the fridge ...
To use it is child's play, just place food and fold the lid, and presto, vegetables or fruits end up in the airtight container.
Multifunction mandolin

✅ Easy to clean

It is easy to wash in the dishwasher or by hand, be careful in this case, the blades are stainless steel and are very sharp.
Our mandolin is small, light, it will not take much space, all the elements are stored in the box.
Complete your collection of utensils with the one you will not miss. You will make your life easier with this mandolin. You will really love it as long as it is practical and it will save you precious time.



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