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Anti Snore Band UAE

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Are You Feeling Sluggish at Work All the Time?

Are the House Chores Piling Up Due to Lack of Energy?

Has Your Sex Life Pretty Much been Reduced to a Good Night Kiss?

Do These Symptoms Sound Familiar?  Then Time is running out...

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you could be at Risk!

You Get Enough Hours of Sleep...

But Somehow Things Just Don't Feel Right...

Doctors Agree, the Answer lies While You Sleep...




The Culprit? Snoring!

While you may think you are getting enough sleep. Snoring is actually keeping you 'awake', leaving you fatigued.

But That's Not All.

Researchers found that lack of proper rest combined with snoring might increase your chances of having aSTROKE!


Nearly 40% of strokes happen while people sleep or within an hour of being awake. Doctors, Researchers, & Scientists are suspecting a very strong link between severe snoring and stroke



Best Way To Combat Snoring

To Reduce Your Risk of Stroke, Heart Disease, & Other Health Issues,

We Created a Device that Immediately Reduces Snoring.

AntiSnoreBand is a revolutionary device designed to sense and control snoring through electrical pulse technology and nerve stimulation.



Easy To Use

Strap the 'watch' around Your wrist. Set the Bio-Sensor to Your Sensitivity.

Jump in bed and Get Ready for the Best Night Sleep in Years!

No more Waking up Grumpy!

Finally, Wake Up Refreshed.


Better Lifestyle

Your Energy, Stamina, & Pep will Return, but Even Better, Your Partner will be Able to Rest.

...and You Will be Rewarded...



You've Tried Everything Else!

From the mouth gag, the chin strap, the snorkeler, to the tongue extender...

All of it is So Intrusive & Uncomfortable...

Not to mention the fact that they did nothing for your self-esteem.

These devices downright made you look & feel silly for wearing them...

Built for Your Comfort and Your Image!



Doctors Agree

Snoring is a disorder that if untreated can lead to serious health issues, including stroke, and Heart Disease. Train your body to reduce snoring, wear your AntiSnoreBand every night and...

  • Reduce Your Risks of

  • Having a Stroke

  • Heart Disease

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Arrhythmia

  • GERD

  • Irritability

  • Depression

  • Headache

  • Other Mental Health Issues


    Wear it Nightly. Turn Back The Clock.

    Wear it Nightly. Turn Back The Clock.

    Reduce Stress Around You and Your Loved Ones.

    Do You Want To Place Extra Burden on Your Family?

    Reduce Your Risk of Having a Stroke!

    5 Reasons To Buy From Us.