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About Us

Shopping on the internet can be frustrating sometimes. We started Zenzatas because we had a hard time finding online the right product for the right task from a reliable supplier. We wanted to create a store where customers would feel a sense of Zen and shop with confidence. 

Our goal when we created Zenzatas store was to bring our customers premium quality products that either remove a pain or give a vitamin

Our growing team is a group of experts in different fields with a passion to find and bring to the public innovative products and gadgets of all kinds that facilitate everyday life. We strive to select all sorts of products that are out of the ordinary and that either save you TIME or MONEY.

To achieve this, we regularly test new quality products that we source from suppliers around the world mainly in Asia, Europe and North America to make your life more Zen

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority. We cherish the added value our products bring. That's why most of our products will not be found in regular stores. We want our customers to come back to our store and join our growing community. 

Are you looking for original products for yourself or your loved ones? ... You are at the right place. You will find everything you need to make your life easier ! 

With Zenzatas, simplify your life !